Dear Mr. McKenney,
Thank you for your prompt and efficient service to trim the maple tree in my front yard. As requested when you came to see what I wanted done, the tree was trimmed of branches that were touching and sweeping the roof shingles.

I thoroughly appreciated your honest and straight-forward estimate that was then indeed the amount billed upon completion of the job. So often, verbal and even some written estimates of work to be done, especially when requested by a female, seem to end up costing more when the bill is received. Thank you.

Martha in Augusta, Maine

I want to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you did. It exceeded my expectations. I know one often only hears from dissatisfied customers but I want you to know that I am pleased. Should I (God willing) or my wife need a “touch up” in a couple of years, we will only need to make one phone call. Thanks Again..

Mark in Pittston, Maine

Early this summer I moved into a lovely house in the woods, well, actually in a subdivision, but there were so many trees that it seemed like the deep woods. I wanted light and air so I called McKenney Tree who walked the property with me and made some recommendations. We decided to thin out where trees were overcrowded, too close to the house, or just not too healthy. Now, it's late August and while it's still quite woodsy here, as I like it, there is light and there is air. The crop of mold and moss growing on the garage roof has disappeared. Gardens that were struggling are in full bloom. McKenney Tree did all this in three days and I couldn't be happier.

Wendy in Manchester, Maine

Thank you for doing such a beautiful job. We are very pleased.

Nancy in Randolph, Maine

Thank you! What a great job, nice open apple trees and a clean yard! I’ll be sure to tell all my neighbors.

Deborah in Gardiner, Maine

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